USB Sticks & Storage Media

Small in size, big in storage: USB memory sticks have established themselves successfully in everyday business. USB’s are mobile data carriers and perfect ad material in one. Nothing is impossible – we deliver your sticks in wood, in the form of t-shirts, airplanes, classic or as per your own ideas. And of course, as always, in best quality. Adon Production uses only A-grade memory – for fast data transfer, longevity and in almost all memory sizes.

Our top products
USB stickTwister Rubby
Twister Rubby
Adon Clip
Color Card
Glass USB

Powerbanks & External Batteries

Since the beginning of the first power bank hypes in 2012, Adon Promotion is involved in the production and personalization of power banks and external batteries. We are proud to say that our power banks are of the highest quality. In 2015, we finished in the top position on the balance test, and out of more than a million power banks we produced during those years, not one did explode.
With the power banks from Adon Production, we guarantee absolute Swiss quality on electronics too. We also take care of the batteries and are members of the Swiss recycling organization Innobat (

Our top products
Powerbank Gentleman
Powerbank Lady
Powerbank Detroit

Web keys

The web key can currently be described as the most creative and effective advertising material. He fulfills the dream of every marketing manager: to combine the promotion at the POS, at events, at trade fairs or direct marketing with the digital offer or the website. But what exactly is a web key? A USB web key is a mini-memory with auto link, which is due to its perforation from his carrier – a high-quality postcard, a flyer or a booklet – solved and then plugged into the USB port of a PC or Mac’s. The web key then automatically launches a pre-programmed link – breaking the gap between classic advertising and the company’s digital product offering. Optionally, customization is possible on the printed matter and also on the web key – so that you can exactly track who used your web key as needed.


Technical specifications ‘web key’

Paper: noble, matte paper, two layers of 220 grams
Total: 440 grams
Web key: USB plug in a sturdy plastic cover

Shape / color: customizable, 4-color on all pages
Link: a web address
Option: Personalization on web key (tracking) and printed matter possible


Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are the perfect gadget for smartphone owners. Simply connect and the mobile phone hums in the best quality and surrounds entire rooms. From speakers with sensational sound boxes, to waterproof speakers for musical bathing, to miniature bluetooth speakers with rich sound – Adon Promotion offers a great selection of affordable bluetooth speakers that are perfect for personalizing and packaging your customers.

Various Promotional Gadgets

In addition to the electronic advertising media such as USB sticks, power banks and bluetooth speakers, Adon Production also produces many other advertising materials such as first-class pin’s in all variants. Or pen’s (ballpoint pens), which can be produced either in the Far East or directly here in Switzerland. Furthermore, we specialize in high-quality key fobs made of various materials, microfiber cloths for glasses, screens, etc., pennants, headphones, lanyards, wristbands, paper bags, drawstring bags and much more. We will provide you with the best quality – and on request, we also send you a concept as well as a catalogue of ideas.


Retail Products

Thanks to many years of experience in the B2B sector and direct production in the Far East, Adon also has its own trend scouting. We always have the latest products as well as the ‘next big things’ in stock before it actually is established in the market.

Whether it is selfie shutters, iPhone steam showers or the latest fidget spinners, Adon always has an attractive selection of retail products that can be delivered in a very short time and in bulk, according to sample review.

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