Vinyl Production

Vinyl means enjoying music intensively, taking time to experience emotions in perfect sound and with all your senses. And it is a confession and a love of the haptic, the physical product and the listening to music. Adon Production delivers vinyl at its best, with sound and product quality in the foreground. Of course, the sound depends primarily on the audio master – and on the film cut.

CD / DVD / BD Production


You provide us with the graphic data and the master, and only a few days later you will receive your disc or pick it up . Finest Swiss service quality – fast, competent,  and reliable.


Adon has over 20 years of experience in pressing discs, and hence is offering premium quality within the industry. Absolute precision – audible in sound quality, visible in content as well as print quality.


As a long-standing Swiss SME, we excel with maximum data security, proximity, flexibility and genuine Swiss service. Central, confidential, and personal.

The experience matters

For more than 20 years, Adon Production AG has been the number 1 in Switzerland for optical media. We supply the most successful brands, musicians, labels and industrial companies with CD, DVD and blu-ray productions. Our experience pays off. Because the quality of our CDs, DVDs, blu-ray’s, the pressure on the discs and the printed matter is always just a bit better – real Adon quality!

Disc Production

Adon manufactures all formats of today’s disc production: CD Audio and CD-ROM as well as all mixes, “Vinyl-CD”, DVD and blu-ray discs. Future-oriented thanks to automation, data security and a strong production partner in the Alpine region.

The disc production is just not comparable. Or did you know that we only use first-class polycarbonate granules for your pressing? And that this quality makes all the difference? And that there is almost a thousand years of CD press experience in our company?

Music Cassettes

Music Cassette Production

Welcome to the renaissance of MC production! With constant demand in the radio play field and increasing demand in the music sector, our production is almost fully utilized. This is obviously also associated with the dwindling number of producers. Our MCs are usually found in fan collection boxes – with a download code to concerts or to order in the online shops. We protect know-how & devices like the eyeball. For you, for the future.

Small series / express service

Printing and duplication within a few hours – for your product presentation, premature CD baptism, image film and everything on the carrier. With printed matter or packaging in digital printing, your project will be perfect in no time.


Digital Covermount

Increased circulation and customer acquisition through added value. Added value to film, music or audiobooks for adults and children. You feel the need, we have the tools and the partners.

Printing & Packaging

Every child in the right dress. With or without printed matter, grafting such as reversible cardboard, laminate or spot varnish.

Plastic packaging

  Jewel box
  Brilliant Box (2CD)
  Super jewel box
  CD Slim Line Box with a milky back
  CD Slim Line Box with black back
  Maxi-CD box
  PP pocket with flap
  PP bag with flap self-adhesive
  PP pocket with folder punching

  DVD box transparent
  DVD box black
  DVD Box Side-by-Side (2DVD)
  DVD Slim Line Box 7mm transparent
  DVD Slim Line Box 7mm black
  Blu-ray box blue
  CD dot rubber, black
  Shell box with folder holes
  CD spider black/white/transparent

Paper and cardboard packaging

  Digipak® 4-sided
  Digipak® 6-sided
  Digipak® 6-sided 2CD
  Digipak® 6-sided with booksleeve
  Digisleeve® 4 sides open throughout

  Digisleeve® 4-sided one side closed
  Digisleeve® 6-sided open throughout
  Digisleeve® 6-sided one side closed
  Digifile® 4-sided

  Digifile® 6-sided
  DVDigipak® 4-sided
  DVDigipak® 6-sided
  Paper insertion pocket

  Paper pocket with back sticker
  Cardboard pocket printed
  Cardboard pocket white unprinted
  Spindle box (without packaging)

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