From simple embossing to complex multichip technology, we offer you everything from one laboratory.

Of course, chip initialization and magnetic encodings and the following personalizations can be performed in the best legibility:

  Barcode printing: e.g. Interleaved 2/5, Code 39, EAN 8, EAN 13, Code 128, 2D barcodes
  Magnetic cards (300 Oe (LoCo), 2,750 Oe or 4,000 Oe (HiCo))
  Chip card initialization of all chip types, contact-based and contactless (standard and processor chips as well as chip modules with security logic (e.g. 3DES encryption))


There are two different specifications of magnetic stripes

  LoCo magnetic stripe (300 Oe coercivity) for all common applications where there is less risk of unintentionally erasing the encoded data by electric fields
  HiCo magnetic stripes (2,750-4,000 Oe coercive force), which require more energy to encode and erase the data, allowing them to be used in critical environments

Transponder cards are differentiated according to:

  low-frequency technology (125 KHz), e.g. Hitag, EM
  high-frequency technology (13.56 MHz), e.g. ICODE, Mifare, Legic

Contacted smart cards or smart cards

These cards have a visible chip module that can be contacted via contact surfaces on the chip and thus personalized or read out. Contact surfaces and position of the chip are defined according to ISO 7816 and are processed by us according to these specifications. We distinguish between simple memory chips and complicated processor chips or modules.

We offer contactless smart cards from leading manufacturers such as: ATMEL, Philips, Legic, EM Marin, Inside and Infineon and process transponders of the types Hitag, EM, Philips, and Infineon.


Quality & Materials

There are several reasons for the superior quality of our cards. With many years of experience, the production plant is one of the pioneers in the industry, and one of the most important innovators in this field. The production plant, which was the first to use offset-printable PVC films, soon had innovations such as chip or ID cards. The first card manufacturer in Europe has introduced digital card personalization and is still considered a pioneer in this process.
In addition to chip and transponder cards, individual special forms (e.g. key tags with barcodes or XXL cards) and sophisticated specialties (e.g. transparent cards or spot varnish) are amongst our strengths. But we do not stop here: For the sake of the environment, the unique bio PVC cards were introduced on the basis of renewable resources or wooden cards. They are completely biodegradable. Other materials like metal, carbon, etc. make also part of our extensive portfolio.


Standard, high-end, or noble – what are your customers worth to you?

In addition to the high-quality standard cards, there are countless refinements that catapult the effect of your card into another sphere. In addition to the choice of the appropriate material, we offer you all kinds of finishing, which can be processed by printing and applicative. The more senses you activate with your customer, the deeper into the subconscious you invade. This is the only way to stay in the memory at a crucial moment.


Application Areas

The area of application for your cards is enormous. Basically, cards can be used for any industry. Below is a small excerpt:

  ID cards
  Club cards
  Fitness cards
  Business cards

  Cinema and video
  Loyalty cards
  Membership cards
  Access control

  Promotion cards
  Discount cards
  VIP tickets
  Payment cards

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