Graphic Design

Identification, layout suggestions or adaptation of existing layouts. The printing area of a map is limited – rely on our experience. Let us design the layout per your CI. We also design new proposals or complete redesigns of your appearance.

Packaging & Creation

Multiply the positive experience of your customer while receiving your card with an attractive packaging. The selection is unbelievable and if it does not fulfill your wishes yet, then let us come up with something very special. Materials, processing and finishing properly combined result in the right recipe for a winning customer experience.

Add-on Marketing

Today, the customer easily can compare services and products. Faster than ever. As products and services become more comparable, new “recipes” are needed.

Adon explores new and differentiating features and solves the possible comparability. Add-on marketing is an exciting field that we would like to introduce to you face-to-face.

A great add-on ensures that the image not only increases with your customers, but also generates additional revenue. Good add-on marketing increases customer satisfaction and promotes a sense of belonging.

Personalization & Coding

Plastic cards are characterized by their permanent personalization. Thus, they become individual, valued, tailored to the recipient. We offer you all the options, from simple embossing on the proven magnetic strips to high-quality smart cards with non-contact detection. Especially important for you and geared to the requirements of daily practice: We not only carry out initial equipping for you, but also provide you with post-personalization in small quantities.

Magnetic Cards

One of the earliest ways to permanently and reliably personalize plastic cards was the magnetic code. Today magnetic cards are the most widely used cards with data storage – proven for decades. And to be creative, we personalize your good cards with magnetic stripes in gold, silver, blue, red or green. So, that your cards stand out from the competition.
Our magnetic cards are manufactured according to ISO 7811 and provided with a high-quality metalized strip that can be personalized with magnetic encoders and read out via appropriate readers.
The standard describes the position and track structure of the magnetic strip; whose encoding provides 3 tracks for data storage:

  Track 1: for max. 79 alphanumeric characters (encryption density: 210 bpi)
  Track 2: for max. 40 numeric characters (encryption density: 75 bpi)
  Track 3: for max. 107 numeric characters (encryption density: 210 bpi)

Chip Cards

The most intelligent solution for personalization is plastic cards with a chip module applied. They are not as sensitive as magnetic strip cards and are particularly suitable for more complex data and hard continuous use. We distinguish between personalization with contact or contactless smart cards.

Photo Cards

It’s hard to get more personal: Personalize your plastic cards with a picture. Thus, simple plastic cards become personal IDs of employees or members of clubs and clubs. The possible applications are just as large as the design options we offer you in thermal printing, and in combination with magnetic strips, embossing and chip coding.

Barcodes and logos in thermal printing

More and more plastic cards are labeled by thermal transfer or sublimation printing. That is clean, fast and cheap. Applied flat on the card, the thermal print looks elegant and saves space in the wallet, in contrast to embossing. All common fonts, sizes and colors (such as black, gold, silver, white, red, green, blue) can be applied to a card with this method. We even do logo imprints or personalization with a passport photo in color (dye sublimation).

Contacted smart cards or smart cards

These cards have a visible chip module that can be contacted via contact surfaces on the chip top and thus personalized or read out. Contact surfaces and position of the chip are defined according to ISO 7816 and are processed by us according to these specifications. We distinguish between simple memory chips and complicated processor chips or modules.

Plastic card with embossing

The embossing is the classic among the inscription techniques of plastic cards. This robust variant of personalization has accompanied the development of plastic cards, especially in the field of credit cards, from the start. As a machine-readable font (Gothic or OCR-A) embossed on the map letters or numbers in different colors are dyed, such as black, white, gold or silver. Embossing is often combined with magnetic stripes. If available, we encode the magnetic stripe of your cards in the same operation. We are not only available for the reliable initial equipment – and also the direct shipment to your customers – but also for daily calls.

Letter Shop & Mailing

We not only personalize your cards individually and with different procedures, but also send them reliably to the right recipients. After all, why should you spend time on tasks that are routine, cheap and fast? Because we are specialized in it. And because we have the right equipment to avoid wrong shipping. From the precise lasering, analogous to the personalized cards, to the surveillance system including camera surveillance and, of course, executed by trained and experienced employees.

Shipping of personalized cards
Fast shipping of plastic cards
Beautifully packed

Cards Recycling

Your card – part of a dashboard?

Your card is made of high quality PVC. Collect the cards that you no longer use. We lead them to the recycling process. The material is reused to make products such as dashboard, bumpers or more.

Your card – part of a dashboard?

Your card is made of high quality PVC. Collect the cards that you no longer use. We lead them to the recycling process. The material is reused to make products such as dashboard, bumpers or other.

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